There are two main series of motor productions: the single phase induction motor and the shaded pole induction motor, are available for all kinds of household appliances, such as fans, exhaust fans, ventilating fans, airconditioning fans, tower fans, industrial stand fans, floor fans, cooker hoods, ovens, dryer, humidifiers and air cleaners, etc.


Zhongshan KaiLiDa(KLD) Electrical Motor Co.,Ltd was established in 1996 and located in Dongfeng Town Zhongshan City where owns a communication advantage of Pearl River Delta, near to HongKong ,Macau and Southeast Asia . The company covers a land area of 30,000 square meters with almost 600 staffs, is a specialized motor manufacturing and we have more than 20 years to Research and Development various kind of household appliances electrical motors. 


the largest motor manufacturing enterprise in Zhongshnn arcu.